Sunday, November 18, 2012

A very early analysis

The samplings are too thin for any rushing to issue judgements and bellowing proclamations but here are a few names and how they are performing so far:

New Mexico State's Banja Sy is being counted on to play with consistency this season, given the absence of Wendell McKines, but the results to date aren't solid.

* 31 minutes with three points and three boards versus Bucknell
* 34 minutes with five points and 10 boards versus SE LA
* 38 minutes with 12 points and nine boards versus Oregon St.

Sy is shooting 26% overall, 15% from long distance

As for Chili Nephawe:

* 19 minutes with zero points and two boards versus Bucknell
* 20 minutes with eight points and zero rebounds versus SE LA
* 22 minutes with nine points and seven boards versus Oregon State

Nephawe is shooting 36% overall and averaging three rebounds a game.

New Mexico State won't be able to maintain its usual high WAC ranking without these two stepping up. 


San Jose State University's James Kinney is leading the Spartans in scoring at 22 points per game but his ability to produce points isn't a question. Doing so efficiently is. Kinney is shooting 43% overall, 32% from long distance and is underwater in assist-to-turnover ration with 5/10.

Last season, he finished at 41% overall shooting, 40% from three-point range with 85/92 assist-to-turnover numbers.

What also deserves noting that Kinney is averaging just under 6.7 rebounds a contest.


Texas State's Joel Wright, a  6-foot-7 JC newcomer, sits at 22 points and just under eight boards a game, with more offensive rebounds than defensive to date.


Seattle's 6-foot-7 Deshaun Sunderhaus, a redshirt freshman, is tops in scoring and rebounding for the Redhawks with 11.5 points and 7.0 rebounds per game. On a team shooting just 36%, he's at 53%.

PTW will rustle up a few more surprising -- good and bad -- for other WAC players in the next few days.

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