Monday, November 5, 2012

Not WAC-related but interesting

A Hoopniks tweet: "Jordan Bell is down to Oregon and Auburn. Will officially visit Auburn next weekend"

Bell is a high-flying 2013 SoCal frontcourter still developing ball skills but the reason for this particular post is the disparity is his two choices.

Auburn has a young coach (Tony Barbee) seemingly on the way up in the college coaching universe but it's a program which will always play second fiddle at the school to football (despite however the gridiron squad is doing) and also always be faced with Alabama as the overall state favorite and media darling (even in basketball). The War Eagles also face Kentucky and Florida on the court and will never out-recruit them. For what it's worth, Auburn is an Armour school.

Oregon (or Nike Phil Knight U in reality) also is more of a football school but Dana Altman is doing very well in changing that thinking. It's a program on the rise and facilities are next to none. It's always going to be a hard slog for the Ducks to top Arizona and UCLA in recruiting, plus Washington isn't easy to best. But being in the Pac-12 means Bell will always have 'home' games against UCLA and USC each season.

Maybe it's just me but Bell's final two just seem so ... different. It would be fascinating to hear him tell the how and why it came down to this disparate two.

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