Monday, August 20, 2012

It's Monday so what's happening with WAC hoops?

Jason Groves offers an update on Troy Gillenwater.

Per Jason Groves, former New Mexico State star Kelsey Crooks has left us at age 31.


Ryan James tweets: "6-ft-10 Center Carter Evans of Roch Century/MN Fury picked up 3 (2 D1) more offers this weekend from Mary, New Hampshire, & Bradley"

San Jose State University was the first D-I to offer.


Henry Abbott has a tremendous piece on how the contrasting behavior by Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen towards teammates just may be emulated by Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash and work just as well.

Yep, not WAC-related but interesting because internal dynamics is a subject rarely covered in college athletics yet is just as important as talent levels.

Plus, Pete Thamel's latest article is still an eye-opener even though depicted/played out so many time before -- may Jonathan Hargett find the equilibrium necessary for a more constructive life from here on out.

Connected to Thamel's piece is this anecdote.

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