Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday morning's WAC basketball news

Tony Jones breaks the news about a certain someone REALLY wanting to be an Aggie.

Matt Sonnenberg recaps a zany recruiting experience and also weighs in on the ramifications of having another wing in Logan.

Don't know how it works in other states but an out-of-stater coming to California would be forking over major bucks, easily over $10k for a year's expenses. That's a hit to the pocketbook unless you are a one percenter of which this MJ isn't a card-carrying member.


Dinos Trigonis offers: "Cezar Guerrero officially visiting Fresno State today. Getting interest from Wash State, UTEP, Long Beach State, NM State, CSUF & CSUN"

It's hard to see that being in Pullman, El Paso and Las Cruces puts him so-called 'closer to home' so those destinations are going to have to really nail their pitches.

Braeden Anderson, Robert Upshaw, Paul Watson and possibly Guerrero (hey, getting a visit is a win in and of itself) -- the FSU admin folks netter start wondering what can be done to keep Coach Terry.


Just asking, does this really matter? Basketball directors of player operations are usually at the very low end of the coaching salary totem pole, at least for schools who have to count their pennies.

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