Friday, April 2, 2010

The Friday edition of around-the-WAC

Here is Nick Jezierny's feature on the new Bronco basketball assistant coaches.

Linder can afford a pay cut since he is coming to Boise from the uber-expensive Bay Area housing market but part of his quote about recruiting mystifies us to a degree. USF has two players from France and one from Czech Republic on the roster as well as three community college transfers.


We agree with Teddy Feinberg's conclusions on Jahmar Young and the NBA draft here. Become a defensive force (the size, quickness and long arms are there to do it) and show some dribble-drive proclivity to set up teammates and the pro contract will bring more zeroes.


Shawn Harrison puts a wrap on USU's season here and the highlights are his selections for various Aggie honors.


Tony Jones has the very latest on the recruitment of Stephen Rogers here and we'll venture a gut level guess: the 'long arm' prevails again and Rogers chooses BYU. We see Utah State as a close second with too much turmoil and iffiness surrounding Utah for Jim Boylen to win out. Feel free to shower PTW with praise or scorn once the choice is made.


Dayton Morinaga has more on Walter Roese, who will be aiding Gib Arnold, here. A number of the rosters of various community colleges feature Brazilians and most are of the center and power forward variety. Idaho had two players from Brazil on its 2009-2010 roster in Luciano de Souza and Luiz Toledo.

Brian McInnis tells us that Gib Arnold's wallet will grow larger if he can gets a greater number of cheeks in the seats.

Ferd Lewis features the same subject matter.

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