Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A junior college backcourter being looked at by Fresno State/offered by LA TECH

The competing entities for Eastern Arizona College scorer Mike James look fairly ominous for the Bulldogs plural but you never know what is really going on in the minds of recruiting targets.

Anthony Ray at has an update (a Rivals sub is required) on James' recruitment and Steve Cleveland is listed as in pursuit as well as Louisiana Tech having offered, along with ACC, SEC and MVC coaches and other lower level programs involved.

James led his league in scoring at just under 26 points per game. He shot 42% overall, 78% from the foul line and 33% from long distance. He was suspended for two games this season -- not sure why -- and placement on the second-team all-league squad which also has a story behind it of which we don't know enough about to even speculate.

Our complete guess: James doesn't end up in the WAC but at a higher level, which may or may not work out for him considering he has just two years of eligibility remaining. Here's hoping he chooses his next destination wisely.

Here is his home page.

Here is James' Twitter account.

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