Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not necessarily WAC-related but...

How about having women's basketball as a college club team sport (scholarshipped, limited or partial scholarships or none at all) or at a lower level than the WAC, say in affiliation with local colleges?

We don't wish to offer absolutes (or at least not very often) but it's true that female hoops will never carry its financial weight.

Is there a moral/ethical/legal/logical reason for continuous funding of the college sports program that results in the most negative cost versus income-generated ratio?

Women's hoops not worth loss of other programs
Monte Poole
Oakland Tribune columnist

The national championship game this week did not speak especially well of women's college basketball. Two excellent teams played mostly ugly hoops and the better team came back to win.

There were 22,936 folks at the Alamodome in San Antonio, though, making it a victory for a women's game that operates largely in the shadows.

The empty seats, row after row and section after section, in the regular season yell out a message heard by some but acknowledged by none. That same message is acutely visible, if we care to look, in the shallow pool of talent and overall quality disparity.

Women's college basketball eventually must face the big boss of sports: money.

Money speaks more authoritatively than anything else, makes more decisions about more things, touches more people. And money doesn't stay quiet and blind for long. It's bound to wade in, fling aside political correctness and tackle some hard questions about women's college basketball.

Including this one: Must a men's team guarantee the presence of a women's team?
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