Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday's WAC offerings

Due to unpopular demand, we will reluctantly be tossing our oft-tipped hat into the ring for the Oregon basketball coaching job. The University of Phil Knight has conducted a textbook how-not-to-hire-a-coach search that should be a case study for every sports management program in this country. Maybe Michael Jordan can simultaneously  run the Charlotte Bobcats and be the head coach of the Ducks?


Okay, the Draft Express site has the official measurements of the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament participants. The two WAC players are Sylvester Seay and Roderick Flemings.

Do note that "all measurements are listed without shoes. To get a gauge for what a player would be listed at with shoes, add an inch and a quarter. We looked back at our measurement database (which includes every NBA pre-draft camp since 2000) and found that players gain 1.2 inches on average from being measured in shoes, as opposed to without."

* Syklvester Seay is listed at 6-foot 8.75 inches and 213 pounds, with a 6-foot 11-inch wingspan

* Roderick Flemings is listed at 6-foot 5.25 inches and 205 pounds, with a 6-foot 11-inch wingspan


Longtime college coach (his history is here) Jack Fertig has an interesting post up today, titled "How Does a Player Know If He Should Declare for the Draft?" Go here.


 Dwight McCombs tripped to Arizona State over the weekend and seems close to committing, per Chris Karpman of the Rivals site. A Rivals sub is required. He had received some mention in conjunction with Nevada. McCombs is a 6-foot-8 power forward currently at Moraine Valley College in Illinois and went to high school in Chicago as well as playing for Miami (Ohio). .

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