Monday, April 5, 2010

It finally happened

Yes, we have nothing for you far. Zip. Nada.

So, we'll briefly address something that -- any time it appears -- leaves us wondering about the various realities in which individuals on this earth have taken up residence. Feel free to change the channel right now.

There is at least one person in the San Joaquin -- probably more -- currently advocating that one George Tarkanian to become the next head basketball coach at Fresno State. Now we've done some initial investigating but have yet to uncover if this promoter is also backing Alf Landon (sorry to you youngsters for the very dated reference) for president of the United States in 2012. Or maybe he/she is actually backing ALF, the friendly extraterrestrial from that late 80's sitcom, for Prez.

We have nothing against Mr. Tarkanian, having never met him, but he would say his chance -- even if he were interested -- in landing the Bulldog mentor job are about the same as a sumo wrestler dunking against Dikembe Mutombo.

For a little flavor (and no, we are not cherrypicking in order to bash Mr. Tarkanian because his overall W-L record is sterling), check out this recounting contained in Rob Miech's 9/29/2008 article in the Las Vegas Sun:

"...One of those seasons was the ill-fated 16-14 campaign of 2002-03 at CSN, which was then called the Community College of Southern Nevada.

Danny Artest, younger brother of NBA player Ron Artest, was on that squad and every bit as unpredictable as his sibling. He once did push-ups between free throws at a road game to show up the opposing coach..."

Yep, that's just what the WAC needs.

Of course, someone else in that neighborhood is also suggesting Bob Knight so we do know there are alternate universes -- population one -- at play (and not just in the Fresno area).

Be afraid, be very afraid, when you step out your front door. They ARE out there.

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