Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Listing this for fun

Jason Belzer at CollegeInsider.com offers his list of the top high major basketball assistants across the country and prefaces the article with his terms of placement. We can't agree or quibble with his choices since we don't have enough knowledge and background in order to do so. Still, we wonder how such a list can actually be compiled. For fun, yes, we see that. In reality, no.There is just too much unknown, especially when it comes to recruiting.

Here is Jason's June 2009 list of the top mid-major assistant coaches -- it's topped by none other than Leon Rice, now at BSU. But keep this in mind (it's at the bottom of the article: consideration was given only to assistants whose schools are eligible for the CollegeInsider.com Mid-Major Top 25 Poll.

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