Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday and the WAC

The pickings are thin today...

Remember Terrance Joyner, the young man who decided to test out homeland security at the El Paso airport and ended up departing from New Mexico State? He was at Eastern Utah this past season, playing in six games, before departing from that roster. JucoJunction is now reporting that Joyner has landed back in D-1 at ... well, it's somewhere but we don't have a sub to JJ so the information is unavailable to PTW. The info will pop up elsewhere at some point and we'll report back.

*** CHECK THE COMMENTS FOR THE ANSWER -- thanks for the information ***


Not WAC-related but here a series of links to good reads:
At age 79, Dean Smith is having good days and bad days.He epitomized class during his coaching days.

Jason Belzer offers an interesting piece on the July recruiting.

Add this article to the litany about basketball factories, er academies.


Anonymous said...

Joyner went to Missisippi Valley State.

Anonymous said...

Joyner went to Missisippi Valley State.