Monday, July 5, 2010

The Monday WAC report

Hey, if you're a Boise basketball fan in Milwaukee, Seattle, Tulsa, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Dallas, Minneapolis, Orlando or Chicago, keep a watch for Leon Rice and/or his assistants to be tooling around your town during July. The key locations: airports and gymnasiums.

Nick Jezierny has the details -- go here.


Tony Jones certainly deserves credit for feeding the WAC basketball appetite over this long weekend.

 Here is Tony's report -- quite the intriguing one in many ways -- on 6-foot-9 Gatete Djuma.

Here is an Aggieville blog entry on 6-foot-4 Jared Stutzman.

Here is Tony with an overall look at USU recruiting the next couple of seasons.

Stew Morrill is well on his way to having his next two recruiting classes pretty much set. Getting all these early commitments burnishes the Aggie basketball program as not only the big dog in the WAC -- these USU inroads are creating quite the positive buzz within the Beehive State.

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