Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday and the WAC

Anthony Ray of Rivals' Arizona Preps site has a new article up connecting 2011 Arizona prepsters Cameron Forte and Jordan Baker to Fresno State and Boise State respectively. The former is a 6-foot-6 small forward and the latter a 6-foot-3 backcourter. Go here and a Rivals sub is required.


KrimsonKrazy is reporting at the New Mexico State Scout site message board that the Las Cruces Review will now carry a column from Aggie AD McKinley Boston. To read the inital post, go here, look in the upper left corner where it says 'click here to read the entire Bulletin and its archives' and do so, then click on 'Aggie Insider' in the middle of your screen and then on the headline "Journey to excellence."


So how's the NCAA feel about having Tim Floyd back on the sidelines? Does it even register in Indianapolis? Go here.

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Jim Hilley said...

Thanks for your link to the Las Cruces Review, oops, except that it is the Las Cruces Bulletin, not Review.
Also, the column will be authored by a variety of New Mexico State insiders, not only Boston.
For instance, next week's article will be by Herb "Touchdown" Taylor, associate athletics direct for NMSU.
Thank you for your excellent blogging.
Jim Hilley
Copy Editor
Las Cruces Bulletin