Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little bit more on Renado Parker

PTW contacted North Idaho College Coach Jared Phay a few days back to see if he had an update on Renado Parker, his former player. Coach Phay offered this: "Renado quit the team at Idaho but is still in school. He is going to transfer some place else at semester. He doesn't know where yet but we will see." 

By the way, College of Southern Idaho gets a lot of attention in national circles which is deserving but it's worth noting that Phay is a three-time Region 18 Coach of the year (in just seven seasons) and his NIC squad has won back-to-back conference championships along with consecutive 27-win seasons. Coach Phay is an Idaho graduate, having earned a B.A. and an M.A. in Moscow.

His current team is 8-0 and sports a number of players who will move on, including:

* Michael Hale 5-foot-9 sophomore (a stats sheet stuffer)

* Tyrone White 6-foot-6 sophomore (a Utah State transfer who is scoring and boarding well)

* Anthony DeLoretto 7-foot-1 freshman (another Utah State transfer)

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