Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday's WAC basketball compilation

Rumor has it that a football game was played last night...but we'll plug away regardless.

To those sub-humans calling to ream out every Brotzman in the Boise phone book, there are multitude of far, far more serious problems throughout this country and the world, with people genuinely suffering minus any sense of hope -- losing a game doesn't even register. As the late Joseph Welch once inquired, "Have you no sense of decency?"


 Here's  the LT athletics report on the Bulldogs loss to ALR.


Dayton Morinaga offers a video roster of the UH hoops squad.

Brian McInnis provides a note about Anthony Salter at Court Sense.


Paul Noonan is featured in Nick Jezierny's latest article.


It's Northeastern that will be getting The Spectrum Treatment tonight versus Utah State. Kraig Williams is here, Shawn Harrison here and Tony Jones here.

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