Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday's WAC-itude

Sam Wasson reports on NMSU's fall to UTEP.

Jason Groves offers a game story and a blog entry.


It's Arkansas Pine Bluff right after Central Arkansas as Hawaii is expected to continue kicking the basketball fanny of The Natural State -- go here.

Ferd Lewis writes about what the absence of Bill Amis means to UH hoops. 

Brian McInnis features Joston Thomas and his swagger wagon addition to Warrior basketball.


Fresno State has announced a pair of basketball signings.


The storyline of Utah State's matchup with Utah is Morgan Grim returning to face his former coach. Shawn Harrison has the details and Mike Sorenson also covers it,

Just asking: will Nate Bendall make a Willis Reed-like appearance, circa 1970? 

Lya Wodraska is going to miss the USU - Utah basketball battles.


Nick Jezierny introduces newcomer Ryan Watkins to Boise and WAC basketball fans.

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