Sunday, June 3, 2012

The best in five WAC categories next season

Okay, check your tea leaves, consult with that Long Island medium or just go with your gut -- who is going to be the:

* Top scorer in the WAC?

The answer is Preston Medlin, who was second at 18.5 points per game this past season.

*The top rebounder in the WAC?

The answer is Vander Joaquim, with Kyle Barone close behind. (see comments)

* The top shotblocker in the WAC?

The answer is Joaquim again, going for a double-double. With additional playing time, Mychale Kyser will be his primary competition. (see comments)

* The top assist man in the WAC?

The answer is this one is absolutely wide open. Can TeNale Roland and/or K.C. Ross-Miller shine from the get-go? Will LA Tech's sophomore Kenneth Smith keep coming on?

* The top thief in the WAC?

The answer is Daniel Mullings, with Raheem Appleby causing looks over the shoulder.

Notice a trend?

Having not seen any of the recruits coming in, nor the existing players on the teams being added this coming season, this process is obviously a bit handicapped.

So who are your picks?

Next will be MVP, Newcomer of the Year and Freshman of the Year.

(See comments. I had Deonte Burton chasing Preston Medlin as top scorer until my brain kicked in but it obviously kicked out with Vander. So move #2 up a spot and I swallow a Five Hour Energy Drink double and see if that works)


Anonymous said...

Vander Joaquim and Hawaii will not be playing in the WAC this coming season, so I am not sure why he is on the list. Too many teams coming and going I guess.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Vander Joaquim won't be leading the WAC in any statistical categories next season, since Hawaii will be playing in the Big West.