Saturday, June 30, 2012

The world of WAC hoops on Saturday -- Utah State edition

Former Utah State big Gary Wilkinson is looking for a new team and the line should be forming as this is being typed.


Tony Jones reports on the improvement demonstrated by USU commit Jalen Moore.

Plus some tweets:

Moore is playing so much harder than he used to play...has the look of a potential four year starter for Utah state
Utah pump n run coach as well as SLCC coach Todd Phillips paid usu small forward commit the ultimate complement: "he has NBA potential" 
This is why Stew Morrill's program is ahead of everyone else's -- who else get commitments from such prospects so early, especially in-state ones?


Anonymous said...

This is Nevada Wolfpack's offical last day in the WAC and I wanted to wish Parsing The WAC a prosperous and bright future. I don't want to say goodbye because with the ever changing enviroment of college sports, maybe we will be partners once again? Tomorrow is the start of new era for the both of us.

Kevin McCarthy said...

Thank you for the kind words. One year from today, Parsing The MWC begins -- see you then.