Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday morning coming down, WAC basketball style

Fresno State is in the mix for 2014 prospect SoCal backcourt prospect Namon Wright.


Hey, I caught myself -- Wendell McKines will not lead the WAC in rebounding in 2012-13. Man, this stuff works.


Prior to June 15, invest in the telecom companies. That's your hot tip of the day.


Not WAC related but does Deane Martin ever get another coaching position (or is he in one now)? The AD fraternity cannot be happy, not sure about the coaching one.

This also brings to mind the old Jerry Tarkanian remark after a report about Baron Davis and a car that "the NCAA would get so upset at UCLA, they'll put Northridge on two years' probation."

Jonathan Reed also checks in on this one.

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Jon said...

Thank you for the link... hard to see Martin coming out of all of this looking anything but bad. As I said on my post, the timing of his sending a letter to ISU and the NCAA seems odd at best, nefarious at worst. It seems we can reasonably conclude these things:

1) If Martin had gotten the ISU job, he would have accepted the money from the booster for recruits, and not reported it.
2) Since he got passed over for the job, he decided to make a stink about it.

Too bad, really, because he did a really nice job as the interim coach there.