Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Monday in the WAC basketball world

From Arizona Hot Spot: "Brophy Prep 6'9 post Tim Kempton holds offers from Air Force, Idaho, Idaho State, and Weber State"


The development of Devonte Elliott and Kevin Panzer just became more critical for the Wolf Pack due to the Raphael Carter situation. Don't know enough about Richard Bell -- is he a paint player or more a finesse face the basket guy? Newcomer Cheikh Fall better be ready for some minutes.


A recent tweet from Coach Marvin Menzies: "Full day for NMSU basketball. Morning weights/conditioning. Workouts to follow. Then an unofficial visit this afternoon/evening"


A day late with this: A father is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be -- Dr. NuNu.

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Anonymous said...

It sounded like Carter was most likely going to redshirt for us anyways, but he was an insurance policy if some guys were not ready. Bell can really shoot the ball, but it remains to be seen how long his adjustment period would be to college ball and banging down low. Look for the 6-8 Freshman Cole Huff, who is a 3/4 to play primarily the 4 his first year at Nevada. He has to add muscle but is a very skilled player. Nevada's frontcourt will be a huge question mark going into the season, and the ceiling of the team will depend on their play.