Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday morning WAC hoops edition

Tony Jones posts about the summer edition of Kyisean Reed.

PTW would be more than happy to be incorrect in this case (won't be the first time, nor the last) but how many players 'get it' in their final season? Reed has been a tease throughout his basketball playing (not a judgment, just an observation) so why would every-second full-game focus come into play now?

Again, Reed on the All-WAC ream at season's end would be great. Here's hoping he achieves that honor by moving from contributor to featured in the Aggie system.


Sportsbow @ the Sports Hawaii forum (scroll to the bottom), has dug up some interesting details on Rainbow Warrior recruiting target Aaric Armstead -- very, very good work.


At the Warrior Insider site, there is news about former UH backcourter Shaq Stokes.


* 6-foot-6 Anthony Dixon, a talent out of Chicago who played one season )2009-10) at San Jose State University, has signed with Fresno Pacific but he will sit out the 2012-13 season. Dixon played at West Valley College in 2010-11 but didn't participate last season.

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