Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So who starts for New Mexico State?

It's no Wen this go-around but certainly not no win. So who starts the season for Coach Marvin Menzies in 2012-13?


* Tshilidzi Nephawe

 Chili who has the middle to himself from the get-go. Coach Menzies will needs more points from the big man than previously displayed.

* Bandja Sy

Is her a power forward and will it be a breakout season for him in his senior go-around? 15 points a game, consistent shooting and all-around consistency here would really boost the chances of the Aggies.

* Tyrone Watson

Mr. Steady has to be in here somewhere.

* Daniel Mullings

He's not your prototypical two guard (unless he has upgraded his outside shooting prowess) but does so many other positive things.

K.C. Ross-Miller

Is the man at the point and needs to match and hopefully exceed the overall production of his predecessor Hernst Laroche -- no small task.


The big question is who becomes the go-to guy in crunch time? Mullings if his shot has improved, possibly Sy, although that would be a new role, or Ross-Miller?

Plus, is there enough outside shooting if this is the five that starts games? That's an iffy proposition. Sy shot 33% on 122 trey attempts.

Okay, have at it.

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