Monday, January 14, 2013

How many players dioes it take to succeed?

Credit AgSpaceCase at the USU Fans Stew's Spectrum MB, with a fascinating post about the number of 'impact' players needed to truly be competitive in the various leagues.

Applying this to the WAC:

As for Utah State, only Preston Medlin is capable of consistent off-the-chart explosions so it takes at least three if not four Aggies winning their respective positions and that's what usually happens.

Idaho can generally count on Kyle Barone and Stephen Madison besting their respective opponents but not necessarily anyone else standing out. Add a backcourter to this duo and Coach Don Verlin definitely chalks up a W.

But for Louisiana Tech, it has usually been one standout performance with enough others succeeding just well enough in the other positional matchups to put the Bulldogs into the W column.

Denver, more often than not, seems to 'require' success at the three of the five positions to nab a victory.

Yes, exceptions to all of these can be found but let's watch next Thursday to see if the above applies or is simply hooey.

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