Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Whither Seattle

What's up with Seattle, 1-8 in conference play and 0-5 at home?

As in most anything, it's multiple factors.

In no particular order:

* There's a pattern of one Seahawk (sorry about this mess up, one Hawk is not just like another) Redhawk producing well but too often a second or third teammate isn't right behind to back him up and 'him' is often a different player each time -- consistency is missing. It will be Clarence Trent but then Deshaun Sunderhaus the next game and Chad Rasmussen after that or possibly Prince Obasi or D'Vonne Pickett. Plus, unlike Louisiana Tech, there has been very little non-starter pick-the-team-up assistance except for Luiz Bidart.

* The Redhawks have lost some close games and, while it's near impossible to pinpoint the reasons for this without witnessing each contest, Coach Cameron Dollar's roster lacks a go-to guy who can more often than not generate a good look in clutch moments.

* Shooting an overall 42% to 41% for opponents, a tied 33% on treys and being a +7 in rebounding average is being negated by a 58% foul line shooting which both puts any team behind in games and halts comeback attempts. Pickett's 46% at the charity stripe and Obasi at 54% just gives away too many points and these are the starting guards with the second and third most attempts on the squad.

* Seattle is also underwater in turnovers (-68) which is remarkable for a smallish team.

* Also having fouled 65 more times than their opponents (some of that certainly due to lack of size), the Redhawks are a -17 in steals so there is no 'making up for it' by 'going small.'

* Additionally, Trent shouldn't be at 42% overall shooting, Rasmussen needs to be higher than 34% on three-point attempts (with a ratio of 38 two-point shots versus 122 treys) plus backcourter Obasi can't stay at 38% if the team is ever going to win more than they lose.

* All of these factors add up to recent three-point homecourt losses to Texas State and Texas San Antonio plus a one-point loss at home to New Mexico State, a five-point defeat at San Jose State University, a seven-point loss at home to Idaho. Some free throws made here, not a turnover there and Seattle's W-L record would be quite different.

* Sunderhaus being a redshirt freshman is a positive as he has the highest level of potential of anyone on the roster. Getting redshirt transfer backcourters Emerson Murray and Isiah Umipig playing next season will reduce a lot of the backcourt woes the Redhawks are currently experiencing. But a real center is desperately needed, hopefully a well-rounded one who can rebound, defend and do some scoring -- consistently. 6-foot-9, 235-pound Shore Adenekan, a 2013 JUCO signee out of Colorado's Lamar Community College, looks like he will help but he's not a dominator.

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Seattle U Hoops said...

Seahawk? We could use one or two of those guys on the court...

Aside from that, solid analysis. Having turnover-prone starting guards average 50% from the line is just a killer for this team - they just can't be counted on down the stretch.