Monday, January 28, 2013

The Week That Wasn't for Utah State

Landon Helmsley looks at Saturday's USU - LA TECH game and retains some optimism.

Matt Sonnenberg's penchant for outstanding headlines should be sparking a bidding war for his services in Utah media circles. PTW will take Matt over the New York Post despite its "headless body in topless bar" infamy of years ago.

Kurt Kragthorpe chimes in on Saturday's matchup.

Hey, maybe, just maybe there is a variation of the SI cover hex coming into play here. First, we pre-season ordained K.C. Ross-Miller as the WAC Newcomer of the year. But he never gained any traction and then recently pulled his hamstring. Then as we also previously wrote, Jarred Shaw's fast start had him running away with the honor.
However, Shaw's output slowed to the proverbial crawl in January. He was back playing energetically last Saturday. Will that version be on display from here on out or is this post going to jinx him?

Bottom line: don't gamble the mortgage money on our predictions.

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Anonymous said...

Please don't mention TECH's Alex Hamilton for this award, given your track record thus far.