Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday: a bevy of links

A major condolence goes out to Kyisean Reed due to his season-ending injury and also to Preston Medlin for his shorter term ailment. Can the latter get back before the WAC tournament?

Many thanks to Garrett Wheeler for first bringing this news to our attention.

Doug Hoffman, Timothy R. Olsen, Kraig Williams and Shawn Harrison check in on the subject.


Louisiana Tech is getting some Associated Press polling notice.


Jaycee Carroll is living life big in Spain as Jordan Winnet details. It's doubtful he'll have to ever work again once he retires which will be a remarkable feat for a non-NBA baller.


In Crimson To The Core's Cantina MB, New Mexico State fans are discussing the coaching and scheduling merits of Stew Morrill. That will turn up the temperature of an already incendiary rivalry.


Jack Nixon looks back at former Aggies who brought some thrills to Las Cruces -- click on Aggie Insider.


Well, Danny Wilson Jr. continued the trend (if we can call it that). Now, he says he was just joshing about forsaking football and playing hoops at Idaho. He got PTW to bite. Now we're wondering if Danny Wilson Jr. actually exists?

Actually, the absence of any prep basketball article about him should have been the tip off. This was bad enough but if we ever mistake Bill Russell for Morgan Freeman, well, it will be past time to call it quits.

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