Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday: a bunch o' links

KrimsonKrazy offer a Wendell McKines update at the Aggie Alert MB. Anyone up for a translation?


kieshbecrimson noted a new New Mexico State player for the 2013-14 season, again at the Aggie Alert MB. Here's a March 2012 assessment of the young man.


Remember Matt Bauscher? PTW believes he began as a redshirt for Greg Graham in his initial season at Boise State, worked his way into the starting lineup and now he's established himself overseas. Gino Palato provides an update.

Here's Matt's Twitter account.


 Andy Katz  is the initial national scribe to catch on: "Michael White was an out-of-the-box hire at Louisiana Tech. The Bulldogs are 7-0 in the WAC and appear ready to push Utah State and New Mexico State out of the favored status perch."

Matt Vines ventures into can-LT-get-an-at-large-Big-Dance-berth?


Jason Groves writes about rejection, the swatting kind taking place in Las Cruces and where New Mexico State plays on the road.

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