Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday: some links for you

Here's Jeremy Lundblad @ ESPN:

Bench Player of the WeekendKenyon McNeail, Louisiana Tech
McNeail scored a career-high 34 points off the bench in Louisiana Tech’s 73-71 win at UTSA. That’s tied for the second-most points off the bench this season. No WAC player since at least 1996-97 has scored that many as a reserve. McNeail tied Johnny Miller’s 16-year-old school record with nine 3-pointers made. 

At the Bulldog barks n bytes message board, a a long string of posts have followed this initial question:  How much do we need to ante up NOW to keep Coach White?

Tech78, in his response, wrote: "Coach White and his staff have shown, and keeping showing, their appreciation of the fans. At the UTSA game he stopped the players from exiting the court and had them circle around in front of the Tech fans before exiting. He and all the coaches came by and thanked the fans too. My wife, who is not a sports fan, still talks about Coach White coming up in the stands to thank the people watching practice in the fall of 2011 - it was football Saturday and she was just getting out of the heat. Little things like this pay dividends for years."

Talk about someone who gets it.


Jason Groves writes the "Tres Hombres" for New Mexico State.

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