Thursday, January 31, 2013

Links for Thursday

Jason Groves writes about Terrel de Rouen and his crash course on Aggie pointillism.

Jason and James Staley offer more on Tyrone Watson's situation.

It certainly sounds like out-of-character but the attack happened and there really is no way Watson can play tomorrow or this weekend. That the beating happened happened is bad enough as New Mexico State searches for a better conference affiliation but compounding what took place with a poor personnel decision would truly give Aggies athletics a self-inflicted black eye (absolutely no pun intended) with possible alignment consequences.


Jonathan Ford video interviews Raheem Appleby. Jason Pugh and Matt Vines provide print features on Appleby. Hey, it's a great day in the Ruston neighborhood.

Ryan Darcy offers some much-deserved press to LA TECH basketball.


Picoso at the Crimson To The Core Cantina MB has an update on a commit to NMSU.


A Left Coast Recruiting tweet: "San Jose State offered 2013 Dezmyn Trent"

Here is a January 15 feature on the young man. Seattle is also obviously very interested.

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