Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday: one game preview plus links

With the news of Utah State's injuries, the Denver - New Mexico State matchup in Las Cruces on Wednesday is looking like a major deal.

Pioneer athletics takes a preview as does Jason Groves. Hey, break out your best PJs.

Brendan Loy checks in on the 2012-13 Pioneers and is sensing a blast from the past.


Matt Sonnenberg delves into how the remaining Utah State players will react to the latest personnel losses.

Kyle Goon ventures into similar territory as does Shawn Harrison.

Kyle also takes a look at Louisiana Tech, Denver and New Mexico State as contenders to the throne.

The biggest question facing the Aggies is who else can now create shots on the team when necessary? Could Marvin Jean surprise here?

Plus, Medlin and Reed were tops in trips to the foul line (77 apiece) and USU is at a +64 in overall attempts as a team. That's going to head downward.

Additionally, who will Stew Morrill pair with Jarred Shaw upfront? Ben Clifford is more fire than firepower although he offers a surprise every now and then. Jordan Stone is a deficit offensively but will bang and Matt Lopez is still getting untracked but seems to have the best offensive possibilities, albeit with minuses in other categories.

The rest of the season will also be a test of fan-dom for Logan residents. If losses start piling up, will all-the-good-will-built-up prevail in some sort of understanding or will some degree of all-the-success-has-spoiled Aggie supporters take hold? Inquiring minds will be watching.


Jason Pugh has print and video of Coach Mike White discussing being pursued rather than being pursuers.

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