Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday: four game previews + more links

A Lone Star State school is getting a win tonight as UT Arlington heads into Alamo-town to face rival UT San Antonio.

Maverick athletics and Roadrunner athletics preview.


Louisiana Tech ventures to San Marcos to battle Texas State.

Bulldog athletics and Bobcat athletics preview.


New Mexico State is way up in the Emerald City versus Seattle.

Aggie athletics and Seattle athletics preview.    

Jason is all over Chili Nephawe's thumb situation.

Jason also offer a feature on Renaldo Dixon who is aiding the Aggie cause this season.

Seattle U Hoops looks at the release of Sterling Carter.


The best pairing of the night is host Idaho welcoming Denver to town.

Vandal athletics and Pioneer athletics preview. Idaho is doing some outreach.

Mild High Mids offers a 'tempo' post covering the various 'paces' of the members of the WAC.

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