Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday's WAC items

Virginia defeater -- PTW still remembers -- Chaminade and UH are set to tangle on Saturday -- Dayton Morinaga has that plus the news that Hawaii will indeed be a no-name squad this season.

Brian McInnis also reports on the upcoming UH - Chaminade tussle.


Mark Littlefield has a couple of Nevada basketball video practice reports -- go here and then here and a sub is required.


Sam Wasson offers photos from a New Mexico State basketball practice.

Jim Hilley/Las Cruces Bulletin has posted a piece chock full of takes from assistant coach Paul Weir on this season's Aggies.


Shawn Harrison has the details on USU's upcoming game against Grand Canyon. Let's hope this opponent doesn't crater like Universite Laval did.

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