Sunday, January 23, 2011

A longtime UH hoops fan checks in

This longtime UH hoops fan offers excellent first hand insight and we appreciate the opportunity to publish these thoughts and observations:

Looks like [frontcourter] Dom Brumfield is done for the year as an academic casualty. Under the university of Hawaii system, if he did not achieve a 2.0 during the fall semester, then he would be on academic probation for this spring semester. If he does not make 2.0 this spring, then he would have to sit out a semester before being allowed to re-enroll.

At which point I am sure that Gib would release him or have no choice but to release him.

Brumfield was used sparingly even after it was announced that he was 100%. However, he seemed to be slow and was often outquicked and outmuscled.

Mama miah. Miah Ostrowski continues to make people shake their heads when they think that for the past three years Bob Nash didn’t even entertain a tryout for him. Miah is looking better and better with each game. You can see that with each time up the court that he is more and more confident. Sometimes he forgets the speed of the game but rarely makes the same mistake twice. He seems to focus on defense and passing it off at this point. Slowly, you can see him inserting himself offensively.

Vander Joaquim “the dream”, is gonna be a good one by the time he is done here. I keep forgetting that he is only a sophomore. The other night, he took the game in to his own hands.

Joston Thomas is a crowd favorite with his wear it on his sleeve energy. He too will be an all mwc guy in two years. Once he learns to control his energy under the boards, he will be chairman of the board. Off season, he needs to refine his shooting form so that he can shoot 80% from the line since he will get fouled a lot under the rim. He should forget about the trey and focus on a quick step to get a 10-15 footer instead.

Bo Barnes has also become a hometown crowd favorite. Against Fresno St., he regained his touch. He probably works harder than anyone else on this team defending a quicker 2 or 3 guy.

Once Bobby Miles’ light goes on, he will be the Bobby Miles-Serrano of Workman High.  Scoring 27 ppg. He, too, like Miah, work on their defense and distribution skills and have not let loose offensively. However, one can see the potential offensively. Once his confidence kicks in, he will amaze.

Amis is slowly getting back to form. We forget that he was out for nearly two years. After being called out by his coaches and teammates, he is no longer hangng his head after missing some easy shots. It has taken him longer to get back to speed, but he is getting there. He is the key to any late season surges.

As the younger guys turn off the “deer in headlights” effects of their first time D1 experience, one can see the potential. This team likes each other and there are no selfish guys left on this squad. Only good things can happen now.

Many are exited about new 2011 recruit Gerry Blakes. He is having a great senior year. It is a good thing we got him in the early signing period. There’s not too much info about how Ronnie Stevens is doing.

It will be interesting since Gib picked up Utah transfer Jace Tavita.  He could compete for the starting PG spot. Word is, that if he gets a year back from the NCAA, he will be on scholarship.

Gib has two more scholies for next year to give. Possibly one is reserved for Rafael Maia.  Findlay prepster Kevin Kaspar was also high on their list. Bringing Tavita in with two years makes if interesting. Although I think Blakes shoud be at the 2. Then again, if Brumfield falls through the academic cracks, there would be room for one more.

Gib has a long list of prospects. It will be interesting to see who lands here after the late signing period.

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