Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday and the WAC

Fresno State hosts Seattle tonight as Bryant Jon-Anteola reports. Beating opponents down the court at least once in a while and better outside-shooting are the two most attractive items for the Bulldogs on the win menu.


Dayton Morinaga has all the angles covered about a high-scoring junior college wing expressing interest in Hawaii (as well as many others).

Jeff Portnoy writes about the USS juggernaut Hawaii.

A quick question: if it's J-o-s-t-e-n Thomas why does does the UH athletics roster still have J-o-s-t-o-n? Hey, PTW is old and gets easily confused so let's have the o-f-f-i-c-i-a-l record corrected. Mahalo.


Joe Santoro grades everything Wolf Pack after the game against Louisiana Tech.


How does New Mexico State get out-rebounded with that height and athleticism? Guys, you gotta stick that nose in there. Jason Groves looks into this and the need for more scoring from the Aggies.


Shawn Harrison reports on a tired Utah State squad but it's one residing in the WAC catbird seat and that pays recuperative dividends.

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