Monday, January 31, 2011

Saving up non-WAC links

The following links are non WAC-related but still informative, so here's a collection we've been stockpiling:

* Color announcer Bill Raftery does his homework (Dick Vitale c-o-u-l-d learn from this but won't)

*Most, if not all, of the WAC teams face these same disadvantages hindering San Diego State hoops but look at the ranking of the Aztec program

* Remember Taylor King torching the nets at Mater Dei but not Duke nor Villanova -- he's now on the court at Concordia

* Definitely read this Tom Friend-penned article

* You h-a-v-e to pull for Jorge Gutierrez even if burdened by a hardened heart -- begin the incoming ordance now

* Enjoy these NBA All-Deceptive videos

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