Monday, January 24, 2011

Now this is interesting

Anthony Ray at Arizona Preps has two new articles posted today (Rivals sub required) about a pair of Westwind (Arizona) Prep bigs who have seemingly found their D-1 destinations.

6-foot-10 Nate Maxey, out of San Diego, just left Westwind in what looks like a case of departing before being asked to and his article is here. His academics were a problem, hence his decision to attend Westwind and he also needed to add strength and develop an offensive repertoire.

6-foot-9 Jordan Didier (earlier Fresno State interest but no longer apparently) is doing a post-prep season at Westwind and, besides greater strength, needs a higher ACT score in order to be D-1 eligible. His article is here.

What's fascinating is that one school has landed Maxey and is the leader for Didier's services -- Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Former Tulane and Miami coach Perry Clark heads the program there and a former Westwind player, center Ted Wang, is on the roster. Other than that, we can't determine any other TAMCC - Westwind connection. The bios of the Westwind coaching staff don't indicate a Perry Clark nexus.

But having two bigs from the same educational institution head to a Southland Conference program tells us there a story behind the story. We just can't figure it out.

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