Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Sunday report of last night's games

Even lipstick wouldn't cover the fact that the Utah State - New Mexico State matchup was, for the fans, an I-went-to-a-college-basketball-game-and-a-hockey-match broke out. This just in: Wendell's feelings about Logan just intensified.

Shawn Harrison, Tony Jones, Kraig Williams and Weston Mangum all report on the game. The Cache Valley Daily News' Craig Peterson offers 38 game photos.

From the NMSU perspective, here is Sam Wasson.

Anyone know what outfit BillS wore in The Spectrum last night? Better yet, any photos?


Chris Murray is all over -- game report, game notes -- Nevada's getting past visiting Louisiana Tech. It was another not so pretty affair. Mark Littlefield offers a game report plus a pair of ultra crisp photos. Joe Santoro completes the trifecta with his take. The Wolf Packers are now riding a three-game winning streak.


Make it three in a row also for resurgent Hawaii as the Rainbow Warriors downed visiting SJSU. The Rustoleum folks should be approaching Bill Amis ASAP.

Dayton Morinaga and Brian McInnis took it in.


Boise State went into the heart of darkness and emerged with a close win, abetted by a controversial non-call with just over a minute to play. Hint: the ball didn't touch metal.

Nick Jezierny traveled to Moscow, as did Josh Wright.

PTW resides in central California and we have a very basic cable package. While dial flipping early last night, we caught the last five minutes of this contest on a Comcast station that usually shows regional high school games. There was a WN (we think) insignia on the screen but we're not sure what that stood for. Who really impressed us (but we don't know who it was): the color announcer. He was sharp, knew the game and wasn't afraid to spell it out when a player did something poorly. Can anyone fill us in with a name?


Mike said...

Al Lewis described Bill's outfit as a showgirl but Rod Tueller said it looked more like a belly dancer.

Joe said...

It was supposed to be a genie, I believe.