Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why isn't Marvin Menzies a saint in the city of the crosses?

KrimsonKrazy has a post up on the Aggie Alert Sports Trough MB about NMSU AD McKinley Boston hoping to sweeten Coach Marvin Menzie's Las Cruces bank account as Colorado State appear majorly interested in getting the Aggie coach to change addresses.

It doesn't matter what league, the level of competition or whether you recruited all your guys, or not -- you get your team to a pair of very recent Big Dance appearances (damn near taking down Michigan St.) and a halo rightfully appears above your head. Period.

Criticize all you want (as some but certainly not the majority) are doing on message boards about Menzies' abilities or lack thereof, the reality is he has succeeded. That cannot be argued.

Evidence triumphs what ifs.

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