Friday, March 12, 2010

Here's Nick Jezierny on the Graham move

Nick Jezierny has the best coverage on Greg Graham's departure:

Boise State fires basketball coach Greg Graham
Nick Jezierny
Idaho Statesman

Greg Graham got the Boise State men’s basketball team back in the NCAA Tournament and set a school record for wins in a season with 25 and became the second-winningest coach in program history.

He took the Broncos to two other postseason tournaments and had an excellent track record for graduating players in a sport that often has trouble with the student part of student-athlete.

Despite those successes, Graham couldn’t win with the fans. They stopped buying season tickets and going to games as attendance at Taco Bell Arena hit an all-time low this season at 3,061 fans per game. Boise State sold 3,675 season tickets this season, the lowest total that the school has on record...
Go here for the remainder.

We have a favor to ask of Bronco fans. Please do not type the name Reggie Theus in any posts from your respective keyboards. There is as much a chance of him heading to Boise as there is of Wild Bill Sproat earning a Mr. Universe title. Period. Case closed. Actually, case never opened.

Also, the hunting and fishing would be great as far as Bob Knight is concerned but, hey, it ends there. Why would anyone think Knight would have interest in basketball at a football school -- let alone why AD Gene Bleymaier would even consider bringing aboard a smouldering volcano sure to explode in the near future?

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