Sunday, March 21, 2010

This is going to get us in trouble

Let's start this post off with as clear of a disclaimer as possible: PTW has no inside information, hasn't read it anywhere on the 'net, has not received any tweets, email, texts, phonecalls or enjoyed any in-person conversations of or about Troy Gillenwater with the Troy-meister, any of his associates, family members or coaches.

So please do not get all excited, infuriated or downcast just because we believe Gillenwater, of any of the current New Mexico State Aggies, has the best chance of landing in the NBA, even if he entered the draft this season.

Now we are NOT saying he is packing up and heading out of Las Cruces -- just that he is the best prospect -- so please don't call up your buddy and say "did you hear that Troy...".

Yes, the assessment may sound ludicrous considering Gillenwater is just a sophomore and played in but 13 games this season. There is no question the preposterous factor is mighty high.

But Gillenwater does have the best shooting (back-to-the-basket and from outside), rebounding and shotblocking combination potential on the Aggie roster. Being able to bring these multiple aspects of the game to the court is enticing to many pro suitors.

He also absolutely needs a great deal more polish in all three areas, plus at least rudimentary indications that he can handle the ball so as to create his shot and openings for teammates. Add to that some sort of display that he can carry out day-to-day off the court commitments.

A solid and full junior season could get him elevated into first round status and that is the most prudent course of action.

But it certainly seems like classroom assignments are not exactly his cup of tea. Call that strike one for those accepting of a mixed sports metaphor. But then again, all he really needs to do is stay eligible into the second semester.

Plus, this year's NBA draft, while not barren, isn't loaded with talents expected to or deemed a possibility to 'make a difference' on any NBA squad. Say strike two.

However, there may be a player lockout in the upcoming NBA season meaning seniors and any declaring underclassmen could be attempting to join the Big Show at the most inopportune time. The ump calls it ball one.

New Mexico State basketball -- even without Jonathan Gibson -- could be something special in 2010 - 2011 -- as long as Jahmar Young also returns -- and being a part of that has to be a temptation to Gillenwater. Ball two.

Uh-oh, it's beginning to rain. The umps are calling a rain delay.

By the way, May 8 is the deadline for being in or out of the NBA draft.

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