Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Your Wednesday night WAC links

It wasn't exactly like entering the Heart of Darkness (maybe more like the land of Oz?) but Nevada shrugged off the role of visitor and took out Wichita State tonight. Chris Murray offers an early game report.


Ferd Lewis features Tad Boyle, the head coach at Northern Colorado. What the guy accomplished this 24-7 season with 5-foot-9 Will Figures and 6-foot-1 Devon Beitzel as his mainstays is beyond remarkable. Try wins over Portland, San Jose State, at TCU, plus a one point loss to Oklahoma.

Brian McInnis reports that Jeremy Lay and Dwain Williams would prefer to return to play for whoever is Hawaii's next head coach. PTW believes that will be dependent upon who the new mentor is able to land in his initial recruiting haul and that Las Vegas would not give good odds on the pair's return.

Here is a fascinating story on Stew Morrill's days at Gonzaga. Make sure you read the comment below the article from Jim Mansfield.

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