Thursday, March 18, 2010

Your Thursday afternoon WAC links

Gordon Monson/Salt Lake Tribune pays homage to Stew Morrill here although we punnily wish the opening line could have used the word "Cash" instead of Cache.


We will be shocked if Boise State's search for a new coach doesn't involve ringing up Weber State's Randy Rahe. Jasen Asay covers just this subject here. Look at what Rahe has accomplished and then the resources available to him -- there a distinct but very positive mismatch.

Here's an interview with the president of Boise State on and about the mens basketball program.

John Canzano/Portland Oregonian offers up a new (to us) name involving the Bronco head coaching position.

Here are the members of the new coach search committee. Our condolences if you didn't make the cut despite prolific message board posting.


Stephen Tsai observes the 'wow factor' is missing from the known candidates to replace Bob Nash. We say if a cadaver could win enough games and be competitive in the others, well, make it a five-year contract offering lots and lots of formaldehyde.

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