Friday, March 26, 2010

More Friday WAC links

Brian McInnis reports that Jordan Coleman is still coming to Hawaii.

Dayton Morinaga offers some names as UH assistant coaching candidates, including one with key South American basketball ties. He also has the Coleman update.

Ferd Lewis fills in readers on Hawaii's 2010-2011 schedule.


Stephen Rogers is a wanted man. No, no, no, he isn't on any law enforcement 10 Most Wanted list but he is on the respective Uncle Stew, Steve, Jim and Gregg Wants You recruitment posters issued by Misters Morrill, Alford, Boylen and Marshall. Tony Jones provides the details as well as an outline of the Aggie roster and lineup next season.


Sean Patrick represents referees in his article about officiating, particularly regarding the recent WAC tourney.

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