Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday WAC-apalooza

Workplace productivity -- if one still has a job -- is nosediving this week and for good reason. Sam Wasson leads us off with a menu of double-digit links connected to the the Big Dance and the NMSU - MSU matchup. Sam also offers close to 20 minutes of AggieVision video here.

Teddy Feinberg offers a commentary article on the New Mexico State season.

Jason Groves says the Aggies are in Tom Petty mode -- "Gonna stand my ground, won't be turned around And I'll keep this world from draggin' me down Gonna stand my ground and I won't back down" versus Michigan State. He has a blog entry here about the Spartan personnel.


Jared Eborn highlights Tai Wesley in a feature here. He provides some news and notes with this article, including information about the Aggie graduation rate.

Jared has culinary news about Jaycee Carroll and utilizes with a great movie reference -- the reference that is, the film was better than average -- we still shout out "vote for Pedro" at various inopportune times.

Shawn Harrison informs us that there will be no masked man -- at least not #42 -- on the court when USU battles Michigan State.

It must be 'I (heart) Tai Wesley Day' because Tony Jones is also dishing out the love. Tony also writes that we should be watching the Pooh Williams - Donald Sloan matchup on Friday.


Chris Murray's offering says that the Wolf Pack want to taste MSG and that begins with taking down Wichita State on the road.


Nick Jezierny explores the sense that the Boise State head coaching position doesn't -- or hasn't -- led to bigger and better opportunities.


Brian McInnis has the scoop that UH will be conducting three interviews today. The report from Ferd Lewis and Dayton Morinaga is here.

Jeff Portnoy also fills us in on what's happening in the search for a new UH basketball coach.

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