Monday, November 7, 2011

Another basketball recruiting read

Responding to any email sent to you from Nigeria, divorce and college recruiting.

Name three things that can majorly reduce the numbers in your bank account.

Yes, that's a bit over the top (notice the qualifier) plus there's always the question of who in the Western Athletic Conference could afford to subterfuge $$$ to recruits even if so inclined? Or more accurately, who in the WAC has the necessary connections to have dollars bestowed upon certain recruits? Maybe another is does the WAC have talents who 'merit' such financial largesse?

But the practice (which makes it sound like an art that those inclined must work on to perfect) is alive and well, in the power conferences.

jc25 at the "A Sea of Blue" site recently wrote a column on college basketball recruiting -- utilizing material from Dave Telep, Dan Wolken, Gary Parrish and Dan Wetzel -- that opens and then closes with the following quotes respectively:

"Imagine every bad thing you hear about college basketball recruiting. Multiply by it 10. That's 20% of how dirty it is."
- Jonathan Tjarks
Just got a text from a college coach about the Mike Beasley story. Here's what it said: "We have kids going to college who don't want to go to college. If the NBA doesn't want them, then the D League should be set up for them. But the sad fact is that these kids are getting paid more money to go to college for a year than to play in the D League."
Here's the link to jc25's article.

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