Friday, November 18, 2011

A Tim Johnson update

The go-to person to answer questions related to junior college basketball in southern California is Dave (DR) Rogahn. He contributes to the California Preps site and also runs his own site, the latter specifically related to California Community College men's basketball.

So PTW emailed Dave the other day, asking about the status LA Trade Tech's Tim Johnson, seeing that Johnson had committed to Idaho although no formal announcement happened during the early signing period. Plus, Johnson wasn't listed on the TT roster for 2011-12.

Here is Dave's response:

"The folks at Trade Tech said he is redshirting/finalizing his academics, but is headed to Idaho for 2012-13. He's already played 2 years for LATT" 
Maybe Johnson can't officially sign until his academics are completed.

We thank Dave for sharing his expertise.

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