Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's Gobble Day in more ways than one

Idaho got by Lewis & Clark 80-75 behind Kyle Barone's 19 points and nine rebounds. Played in Boise, L & C led by one at the half. Vandal athletics reports on the game.


Jason Groves features today's Aggie matchup with Central Michigan and also highlights NMSU's bench play, Bandja Sy in particular.

Jason also talks with Trei Steward, the former New Mexico State frontcourter and now the Aggie strength and conditioning coach.


Jeff Portnoy looks at Hawaii's play in the loss to Eastern Washington.

The following jumped out from Brian McInnis' latest blog entry:

"... Where Morningside High graduate Gerry Blakes fits into all this will be interesting. He could theoretically still come, but as it stands now, somebody among those four isn't getting a scholarship if he does arrive in Manoa. Of course, that could well change with changes in personnel after this season ..."

Faf writes that Utah State fans don't need to offer any stinkin' apologies and neither should Aggie officials. Not having been there for what Brandon Davies and BYU experienced, PTW's sense is that USU's post-game action is an attempt to prevent banter and such from escalating into the physical but an apology after the fact doesn't address that issue.

Many years ago, I was sitting three feet from the court and one of the referees was a former baseball bonus baby whose pitching career ended due to arm problems. After one of his 'questionable' calls, I yelled out: "First the arm, now the eyes" -- don't tell me youth is wasted on the young.

I cringe now but thought it was pretty damn good back then.

Here's a wish-we-were-there Duke student fan escapade that was simplistic yet perfect (keep in mind that this was in 1982):
"...But before he became famous for his historic basket, [now the late Lorenzo] Charles was notorious for something else: In the summer of 1982, Charles stole pizzas from a delivery man on campus and spent a weekend in jail. He was totally unaware of the fuss it would cause.

The next time N.C. State played at Duke, the students there threw pizza boxes onto the court. Charles, his naïveté squashed, scored 25 points and destroyed the Blue Devils ..."
Nowadays, the heavens would probably open with pepper spray, followed by a baton massage for tossing something on the court.

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