Monday, November 28, 2011

A Jerry West autobiography -- a recommendation

Jerry West always seemed injured, whether it be a pulled hamstring or a broken nose, but also always gutted it out and still outplayed opponents. The player whose likeness became the NBA logo, West also proved his mettle as an NBA general manager. But the one thing he never could beat was his upbringing -- the psychological damage inflicted on him while growing up.

West is out with a book -- "My Charmed, Tormented Life" -- and it is compelling. An article in The Bleacher Report gives a flavor of it, as does this one.

The book can be purchased at your local bookstore but, failing that, is available here.

Sports Illustrated's Gary Smith has an article on West in the October 24 edition and it is a tremendous read as all of Smith's works are. Unfortunately, no link is available to it.

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