Thursday, November 3, 2011

How can this be?

How could the WAC coaches prognosticate that a s-o-p-h-o-m-o-r-e will become the 2011-12 Player of the Year?

Because it's Deonte Burton, that's who and why -- a rare combination of strength, quickness, skill and youth.

Because the ball is going to be in his hands to score and create.

Because how many first-year players have led their respective teams in conference scoring?

Because how many freshman backcourters go from 42% overall shooting to 49% come league play?

Because how many freshman guards go from 35% overall long distance shooting to 45% in conference action?

The biggest question really is how long can Nevada keep him?

*** PTW is not a member of the Deonte Burton Marching & Chowder Society but approves of this ad.

1 comment:

student4ever said...

We're fortunate to have him. I hope we can keep him through his junior year, but this may be the last year of Burton in Reno if things go as we expect them to this year.