Thursday, November 17, 2011

A few more Thursday links.

Tony Jones offers a Morgan Grim-discussing-the-Weber-State-game video.


Check out Jason Groves' last trio of blog entries, all about the Aggie win over New Mexico.


George Dohrmann did not care for the PTW post here, nor for Chris Murray's take.

Sorry George but you (and Justin Hawkins) are the ones speculating -- aka uninformed banter as you described it -- about Jordan Finn's status with Nevada. Make your tweets private, rather than public, if you don't wish them to be picked up, or banter about such subjects over the phone. A condemnation for re-posting what was offered for public consumption is odd, as is the "requirement" that the subject should have been investigated further prior to or maybe instead of re-posting.

Regardless of the differences of opinion, George still has a very good book out on club team basketball and it would make a great holiday gift.

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